Gold And Silver Pricing

We are the only gold buyers in Michigan that will broadcast the price we pay for gold. Our price is consistantly higher than our competitors. That’s why our customers come from all over Michigan to sell to us! Check out all our prices below including penny weight prices that some competitors use to confuse!

Complete Pricing Guide


10 karat gold: $12.75 per gram

14 karat gold: $18.00 per gram

18 karat gold: $23.14 per gram

21 karat gold: $27.00 per gram

22 karat gold: $28.29 per gram

US Silver: 10.5 times face value

Platinum: $20 Per gram

Sterling Silver: $0.35 Per gram


10 Karat gold: $19.82 per penny wt

14 Karat gold: $27.99 per penny wt

18 Karat gold: $35.98 per penny wt

21 Karat gold: $41.98 per penny wt

Sterling Silver: $0.54 per penny wt

Coins and Bullion

Max Your Gold posts our prices for the most common items. In addition we offer dealer pricing to the public *. The only requirement is higher minimum quantities.

* Examples of our dealer pricing to the public

One ounce Silver Eagles 20 or moreSpot + $.50call
One ounce Silver Eagles 100 or moreSpot + $1.00 *
U.S. 90% silver coins (D,Q,H)10.5 times face value
U.S. 90% silver coins $250.00 face or more102% of spot by fine weight *
Pre 1921 morgan silver dollars (VG+)$19.00 each and up


One ounce Gold Eagles100.0 % Spot + $5.00call
One ounce Gold Eagles 10 or more100.0 % Spot + $8.00 *
Krugerrands97.5 % of Spot
Krugerrands 10 or more98 % of Spot *
Canada Maple Leafs97.5 % of Spot
Canada Maple Leafs 10 or more98 % of Spot *